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FEQXux...3 months ago8efb6e...4035255{ "tmpl_20AD45E7": { "date": "1585643040", "name": "'Began, the Platform Wars Have!' On Blockchain Creators and the Dark Side of Cyberspace", "description": "As the ‘dark side’ of cyberspace grows - from de-plaforming on Youtube, to 'shadow-banning' on Twitter, to deploying copyright laws that favor large corporations over individual creators - a rebel alliance of thinkers, coders, netizens and artists is emerging.", "language": "Language_EN", "urlList": [ "da4a18d12f6e1e2d8d8036c4eb0e3108365d34dce902a66989ae009d6fe7fb52", "7121bc7f1e9f0bd42ff7262087180ed28cda2ab6117921351f1f5aa7ba4f44a3" ], "avatar": "" }, "tmpl_59D7EAFD": { "imageCaptionList": [ "Rami Khoury/Al Bawaba" ], "bylineWriter": "ff9f94c9806eb11a4f11277bde6becd832a2e18c058c650a494d43640868af07", "articleText": "3f58820fb55bbd37f1e25f57e3c45a8f2b636ead37ff0f3d6495f5ff8bd30d11", "imageList": [ "746080c17d03223be9b2fc6f2b64f0eddd773b2b79124a9531badaf2ea1efcf5" ], "bylineWritersTitle": "Digital Transition Lead", "bylineWritersLocation": "Media City, Dubai" } }


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