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Recent OIP Records for Template tmpl_29F96711 (Coin)

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signertimetxidblockrecord details
FCt2N6...2 months ago058bf5...4091123{ "tmpl_29F96711": { "ticker": "BTC", "name": "Bitcoin", "source": "https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin", "homepage": "https://bitcoin.org/" } }
FCt2N6...2 months agof9964d...4091123{ "tmpl_29F96711": { "ticker": "FLO", "name": "Flo", "source": "https://github.com/floblockchain/flo", "homepage": "https://www.flo.cash/" } }


These are recent OIP record templates found on the FLO blockchain.


Learn more about OIP here: [OpenIndexProtocol]

How was it made?

This page was created using oip, a golang application that allows you to interact with the Open Index Protocol and the FLO blockchain.

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