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Recent OIP Records for Template tmpl_2670B072 (Song)

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FH1MQx...2 months ago245767...4107517{ "tmpl_DE84D583": { "amount": "50", "destination": "FCMEgzhKYE4RdNQ5FgtXihqFeZbWwqyx2v", "scale": 1, "indefinite": true, "coin": "f9964d1e840608b68a3795fd2597e9b232dfce1029251d481b2110c83a68adf7" }, "tmpl_2670B072": { "duration": 241, "artist": "Denisa", "genre": "Drum N Bass", "title": "We Were" }, "tmpl_D8D0F22C": { "embeddedTerms": [ 3733247363 ], "network": "Network_IPFS" } }


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