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protocol tmpl_2EF802543 months ago2ef802...4033903A procedure to execute a certain task
biosample tmpl_7EC85C343 months ago7ec85c...4033698a sample of a biological nature
micrographAcquisition tmpl_6DA39F2C3 months ago6da39f...4033697a procedure to acquire electron micrographs
sample tmpl_636E68FA3 months ago636e68...4033695Use to record a sample
protocol tmpl_32C2F9483 months ago32c2f9...4033688A procedure to execute a certain task
assay tmpl_B77CF96A3 months agob77cf9...4033684used for recording experiments
grid tmpl_8B6041713 months ago8b6041...4033576extends device, grid is a specimen support device for electron microscopy
device tmpl_4FEB49C93 months ago4feb49...4033569extends basic to add fields for a manufactured device
imageAlbum tmpl_AAA8518E3 months agoaaa851...4032920extends basic to add fields for an album of images and their thumbnails
software tmpl_7CBCFC303 months ago7cbcfc...4032919extends basic to describe a specific piece of software
organization tmpl_7C6B73703 months ago7c6b73...4032916extends basic to add fields for an organization
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These are recent OIP record templates found on the FLO blockchain.


Learn more about OIP here: [OpenIndexProtocol]

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This page was created using oip, a golang application that allows you to interact with the Open Index Protocol and the FLO blockchain.

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