FLO Blockchain


FLO/OIP apps

This is a complete list of links to apps using the FLO blockchain. The apps either use OIP on their backend or the front-end listed below uses js-oip as part of its webapp construction.

FLO full node clients

Below are files and resources collected for the benefit of the FLO cryptocurrency community, with a focus on alternate full node implementations of FLO.


flod is an alternate full node client implementation of FLO written in golang. It is mainly used for development purposes. One key difference between flod and and FLO-qt is that flod does NOT include wallet functionality and this was a very intentional design decision. This means you can't actually make or receive payments directly with flod.

flod is a fork of btcd.


FLO-qt is the original C++ multiplatform client with wallet support, forked from Bitcoin-qt.


Additional links and information:

FLO main website


FLO telegram channel


FLO foundation